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Buffer and gel volumes for various Owl-brand horizontal gel electrophoresis systems. Make up the amount of AgaroseGelBuffer listed under "total buffer volume" and then take from that the amount listed as "gel volume" to make the gel. Add EthidiumBromide (0.5 μg/ml of gel) to the melted gel before pouring.

gel dimensions
max wells
total buffer volume
gel volume
optimal voltage
typical voltage
8 cm x 7 cm
300 ml
40 ml
70 V
100 V
14 cm x 12 cm
700 ml
120 ml
110 V
140 V
25 cm x 13 cm
1500 ml
200 ml
170 V
220 V

Note: running the gel at the optimal voltages listed (5 V per cm distance between electrodes) will result in the best resolution of bands. Gels can be run at higher voltages, but may suffer temperature and/or pH effects. At lower voltages gels take longer to run which may result in increased diffusion of bands. Practically, there is a considerable range of voltages that will give an acceptable result and, within reason, voltages may be altered either up or down in accordance with the desired time in which to run the gel. "Typical voltage" is a reflection of a higher voltage used to decrease running times that still gives an acceptable resolution of fragments.

Caution: it is possible to superheat agarose solutions when they are prepared in a microwave oven. Be very careful that the molten agarose does not froth up out of the flask when preparing the gel.
Caution: EthidiumBromide is a known carcinogen.

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