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Write control is used to restrict write access to certain parts of some documents. Write control boundaries consist of four sequential equal signs on a new line followed immediately and only by a number. For example:

The effect of a write control boundary is to restrict write access to that portion of the document at and above the boundary to those individuals with the specified level of access or higher (the write control level when not logged in is zero). When displaying documents for normal viewing, the boundary is not displayed, however, areas of the document that are not writable have a dotted line along the right margin indicating this fact. The appearance of the dotted line is dependent upon the viewer's browser supporting cascading style sheets (CSS: most modern browsers do). The dotted line is purely informational; if the browser does not support CSS, no line will be displayed, but the write control will still be in effect. When displaying document contents for editing, write control boundaries that are editable will be displayed as such and be editable as normal text. The user's write control level will also be displayed at the bottom of the form.

Users editing documents may insert write control boundaries of their level or lower as desired. Boundaries can only appear in descending order of level throughout a document. Higher level boundaries appearing after lower level boundaries will be ignored. The effect is to have the most highly protected content at the top, with freely editable content below.

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